Our company was born in the fifties, more precisely in 1954, when Hernando Duque Ramírez, a visionary Colombian entrepreneur founded the family -owned company “Confecciones de Cuero LTDA”. From that on, the company started to manufacture, in concession products from the US based company, Hickok Mfg. located in Rochester, New York.

The first production line was inspired in genuine leather belts, then we continue producing accessories such as buckles and key-chains. These products launched us to explore new national and international markets.

Our employees from diverse areas of the company, were trained and educated by American technicians. This lead us to achieve high quality standards at same levels of the others affiliated companies in United States and Mexico. Later on, in 1990 the contractual relationships with Hickok Mfg. Co. ended.

In the present time, on behalf of the name CONCUERO, it is being run by its third and fourth generation. Our industrial and administrative facilities are located in Medellin, Colombia. South America.

METALLIO, is a division/business unit of CONCUERO, that use all its experience and technology to develop and manufacture exclusive products for the general industry. We are specialized in die casting parts in zinc and aluminum